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Home décor and home design go through trends, though they don’t change as fast as fashion wear does. Home design trends are driven as much by demographics and regulation as they are personal tastes and what gets touted in architectural magazines. Here are the top trends in bathroom remodeling.

The Walk-In Shower For Your Bath Remodel Project in Fort Collins

The walk-in shower is becoming the default option in middle class and luxury homes and condos. One reason is demographic. Older people have poor balance, and they may need help bathing. A walk-in shower allows them to walk into the shower instead of having to step over a conventional shower’s lip. Yet the walk-in shower is a common feature in spas and gyms, so it doesn’t have the negative connotations of a walk-in bath tub. That gives a walk-in shower a far greater return on the investment than a walk-in tub.

Some people are replacing the shower-tub combination with a walk-in shower to eliminate the bath tub they rarely use. Others choose to extend the shower along a wall to create the walk-in shower. The gently sloped floor handles drainage, but the entire thing is easy to clean relative to a bath tub if you have poor balance. You can bring in a bath stool if required, as well, but that doesn’t have to remain visible if you have guests. This is but one trend in bathroom remodeling driven by the aging of society and the push to make all homes more accessible.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are making a comeback. It may be the centerpiece of many modern luxury bathrooms, and that’s why they are often incredibly large. Freestanding tubs have a few practical benefits, as well. The plumbing is easier to repair than tubs built into a frame. The freestanding tub is a step up from the cheap fiberglass drop-in tubs. While most tubs are white, we’re seeing more brightly colored tubs, too. Blue is a logical choice, but grey will fit into almost any décor.

The Shower/Bath Shelf

Shower and bath shelves are niches or walls that are located in reach of the shower or bath tub if not located in the bathing area itself. These are considered an upscale alternative to the hanging shower caddy or metal shelves in the corner of the shower.

The bath or shower shelf can serve several purposes. A strategically located one can serve as a support for those with limited mobility. They provide a place to put items like soap and razors where they are unlikely to fall to the floor. They free up space on the floor of the shower while eliminating a trip hazard. They are as easy to clean as the shower walls, since most are tiled. They won’t rust like metal caddies. And they’re a great place to safely put candles or succulent plants.

The Half Wall by the Toilet

Some homes have the toilet hidden away in its own “closet”. This may give someone in the toilet more privacy, and it allows someone to use the toilet in peace while someone else is at the sink. However, that layout isn’t acceptable if you have mobility challenges. It also creates problems for heavier individuals who simply may not fit. This is why we’re seeing the compromise, a half-wall by the toilet. The half-wall provides privacy, but there is access if assistance is required. The half-wall itself can be a support for those who have trouble getting up and down, and it is far less obvious than support bars on the wall. Yet the half-wall can serve as a shelf-as wall. Put your devices on it while you use the toilet.

Note that the half-wall may be installed in a larger room next to the toilet. In these cases, the toilet isn’t closed off from the rest of the bathroom. The half wall instead forms a half wall or type of shelf against the main bathroom wall. This wall/shelf is a natural storage location while it allows you to use it as a support when you need to get up.

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating vanities are one of those style trends that traces back to practical needs. Floating vanities free up space under the vanity for storage if required, but it almost makes a small bathroom feel larger. Note that these may be combined with a new sink installation. And the floating vanity is a great way to hide the plumbing.

The Minimalist, Industrial Look

There are two competing trends in home design. One is the growth of natural materials and connecting to nature. Think wood floors and raw wood furniture, bringing plants into every room, and emphasizing stone over concrete. The other trend is minimalist industrial. Instead of wrought iron fixtures, you get minimalist bright steel or bronze fixtures. This trend may hit the shower, too, in the form of glass shower frames held together with a minimum number of fixtures. Decorative elements in the bathroom tend to take the form of bright brass or silver rims on mirrors instead of art deco type frames.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets are becoming popular. One reason is that it hides the plumbing. Another is that they are much easier to clean. A number of units have a higher weight limit, but the discrete design doesn’t make them seem oversized.

The Little Touches of Luxury for a Bathroom in Fort Collins Colorado

The minimalist industrial look doesn’t mean you can’t have a little splash of color here and there. For example, we’re seeing more rounded vanity mirrors instead of a strictly rectangular mirror. On the flipside, frameless mirrors are making a comeback, too. They may or may not have recessed lighting. Statement tile replaces cheap subway tile, and you might see fancy decorative tiles mixed in to create splashes of color. This is in addition to matte finishes. The finish is more upscale than traditional materials give you, but it is easier to clean than fancier finishes.

Our Contractors Go For The More Natural Look

People aren’t staining their bathroom furniture anymore. They’re showing off the wood’s natural color, if they’re using wood. Stone is becoming popular, though concrete stained to resemble stone is a viable alternative. This dovetails into the trend of bringing live plants like succulents into the bathroom.

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